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“Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten“ at Gängeviertel

Group show “Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten“ at Galerie Speckstrasse, Gängeviertel Hamburg

Kathrine Uldbaek Nielsen will show some of her works at this group show on the topic of ‘crisis’, that is gathering Hamburg based photographers at Galerie Speckstrasse.


Opening: Thursday, April 27th, 7 pm
Exhibition from April 28th to May 7th, 2017
Open Tuesday to Sunday 4 pm to 8 pm

Galerie Speckstrasse | Speckstrasse 83-85  | 20355 Hamburg

“Kleine Formate“ at Atelierhaus Breite Strasse

Second edition of “Kleine Formate” at Atelierhaus Breite Strasse, Hamburg.

The residents of Breite Strasse have invited, for a second time, fellow artists to join them for an open studio exhibition. The weekend starts with a concert on Friday, and closes with a reading on Sunday. The exhibition will be open Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 pm.

Fabian Hammerl will introduce a young artist from Chengdu/China, Jiaying Zhang (张佳颖), who will not be present in person, but has sent some (unusually) small format works. They will share walls with some of Fabian’s recent photographic work from Japan and China.

The complete list of artists and their guests:
Birgit Bornemann______mioq
Rainer Garbe___________Claudia Blank
Fabian Hammerl______Jiaying Zhang
Thomas Piesbergen___Katharina Unteutsch
Stilla Seis__________Edith Sticker
Adriane Steckhan________Claudia Hinsch

o_a_2016_004_web1 o_a_2016_004_web2

Fabian Hammerl Shanghai Lectures

In April 2016 Fabian Hammerl was invited to hold two lectures and a workshop at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and the Shanghai Art & Design Academy, China. In his talk “Identity in public urban space – from a photographer’s perspective“ he described how urban space is formed by conflicting individual desires and practical needs creating an ever-changing spatial identity, and how this identity can be depicted, by example of his own photographic work. The second lecture’s title, “Let the picture take care of itself!“, a slightly altered quote by photographer Garry Winogrand, calling to put aside forejudgement in creative processes, is encouraging the students to embrace chance and unforeseen encounter, while the photographic workshop took them on a Dérive-inspired trip based on purposefully transposed maps of their habitual environment, celebrating failure as a starting point for artistic exploration.

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts lecture poster

‘Kleine Formate‘

Kleine Formate Weekend Exhibition at Atelierhaus Breite Strasse
The artists of Breite Strasse plus guests

Opening Party Saturday, 28 November 19:00
Exhibition open Sunday, 29 November 11:00–18:00

Birgit Bornemann & guest Antje Flotho | Rainer Garbe & guest Wolfgang Block | Fabian Hammerl & guest Jasmin Gritzka | Thomas Piesbergen & guest Ride Lonesome | Stilla Seis & guest Tanja Hehmann | Adriane Steckhan & guest Arne Lösekann

Atelierhaus Breite Strasse
Breite Strasse 70
22767 Hamburg

“Interchange and Commentary III“ second opening

Opening on Friday, August 7 at 7 p.m. at Frappant, Hamburg 2015_frappant_nikon_185 2015_frappant_nikon_260 2015_frappant_nikon_319
The second exhibition showing works by artists of the international “Interchange and Commentary” project in Hamburg will open on Friday, August 7 at 7 p.m. at Frappant in Hamburg Altona.
Opening hours: Saturday–Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Finissage August 16 from 3 p.m.

Group exhibition “Interchange and Commentary III“

Opening on Saturday, 1st of August from 4 p.m. at Artville Festival, Hamburg Wilhelmsburg
Installation shot showing works by Deng Dafei and Fabian Hammerl

Installation shot showing works by Deng Dafei and Fabian Hammerl

The international “Interchange and Commentary” project is bringing together artists from China and Germany since 2013. After collaborations and exhibitions in Hamburg and Chengdu/China, the project was invited to join this year’s Artville Festival in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, as well as for an exhibition at Frappant gallery in Hamburg Altona. While at Artville the group will show a collaborative installation of all artists in two adjoining cubes, the exhibition at Frappant will present the artists’ positions individually.
Participating artists in 2015 are: Nir Alon | DENG Dafei + HE Jinwei (Asia Scene) | Fabian Hammerl | Naho Kawabe | LIU Yi | Dagmar Rauwald | WEI Yan | Curated by Stephanie Fenner and Dagmar Rauwald, with support from Jody Huang, China.

‘Can I Ask You A Personal Question?‘

Fabian Hammerl: ‘Can I Ask You A Personal Question?', Chengdu, China ‘Can I ask you a personal question‘
Artist workshop and group show at the Art Museum of Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, presenting the work of 9 Chinese and German artists. The exhibition is part of an ongoing process of communication and collaboration between artists from China and Germany, its title referring to the concept of posing personal questions and answering them with artistic means, used during the project.
Fabian Hammerl will show photographs taken in China and Japan in 2013 and 2014.

The opening will be on September 29th, 3 p.m at the Art Museum of Sichuan University. The exhibition shows until Oktober 12th.

Participating artists: Fabian Hammerl, Naho Kawabe, Li Jun, Dagmar Rauwald, Wang Chenyun, Wang Long, Xie Bingxin, Xiong Yu and Zhang Jin
Curator: Stephanie Fenner

Artist Talk at A4 Contemporary Arts Centre, Chengdu

On September 27 A4 Contemporary Arts Centre in Chengdu, China will host an artist talk about Eastern and Western artistic concepts in contemporary photography, called “The West is not bright, the East can be bright”.
The talk, initiated by the Chinese curator Yi Hong, will give opportunity to Chinese artists Mu Ge and Zhang Jin, the curator Xu Sheng, the American artist Oliver Herring, and the German photographer Fabian Hammerl to debate the presence of specifically Eastern/Western concepts in their work.

A4 Conteporary Arts Center, Luxetown 18# Section 2, Luxehills Boulevard, Shuangliu, Chengdu, China

Zhang Ji and Fabian Hammerl are also part of the workshop/exhibition in progress, ‘Can I ask you a personal question?‘  in the Art Museum of Sichuan University that will open on September 29.

Our first publication!

photographs_2013_books Default Network’s first publication is out!
 The booklet contains photographic work by Fabian Hammerl, Kathrine Uldbaek Nielsen and Silke Storjohann, as well as a text by Christoper Sand-Iversen. 
All photos were taken throughout the year 2013 in Japan, New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal, Germany and France. The three travelled individually, subconsciously connected through shared ideas, driven by the artistic concept of the Dérive, leading them to extensive undirected excursions.



Traces 1x1 teaser New show by the art group FLOK, featuring works by Martin Thaulow, Ane Fabricius Christiansen, Jacob Sikker Remin, Jakob Stig Isaksen, Marthe Hjorth Jessen, Maj-Britt Zelmer, and Christopher Sand-Iversen. Open: Thursday – Sunday 13.00-18.00, 5 – 26 October.