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CPH\DV\ music: watch it unfold!

While New Folder’s beat bow aims straight to the heart of Saturday night, you might as well be struck by sunbeams while we hot-wire your sizzling synapses en masse.
It’s danger and delight, dancing cheek to cheek with the boldest of you, from dusk till dawn and all the way back in our Copenhagened love shack!
Default Network’s musical programme for CPH\DV is on!

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CPH\DV\ Kränk deine Stadt

Saturday night at the Dockville 2010 festival, a storage hall in the old petrochemical facility will undergo irremediable defilation by Scandinavian artists Petter Thörne, Kasper Kristoffer Sørensen and Anders Bjerregaard-Andersen. Under cover of “Kränk deine Stadt”, a work of spatial art will take place – not over time but in time, questioning the basic idea of spatial intervention.


Christina Glob: The Bag, Cabinet Cabaret

Christina Glob: The Bag, Cabinet Cabaret

Default Network will present a selection of photographic artists from Copenhagen at this year’s Dockville Festival: Christina Glob, Mie Jensen, Thomas Nørdam, Iben Elmstrøm, and Alexander Tillegreen
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