Default Network is delighted to announce its participation in the Dockville Festival…which will hit Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg in mid-August. Default Network will be hosting a Danish night, called ‘CPH\DV‘.
In the spirit of the Dockville Festival, ‘CPH\DV‘ will showcase a unique combination of music and art from Denmark in an environment specially created for the night. Architects Anders Bjerregaard- Andersen and Kasper Kristoffer Sørensen are responsible for the transformation of the site into a Nordic hideout.
Copenhagen’s ‘New Folder‘, a group of producers and Djs, joins the Network as musical partner, dragging baskets full of bass and bleeps down to Wilhelmsburg.
Writer and artist Christopher Sand-Iversen is curating a selection of works by fellow artists for a temporary exhibition at the CPH\DV venue.
A detailed lineup of the participating artists, DJs and musicians will be announced soon.