“Kleine Formate“ at Atelierhaus Breite Strasse

Second edition of “Kleine Formate” at Atelierhaus Breite Strasse, Hamburg.

The residents of Breite Strasse have invited, for a second time, fellow artists to join them for an open studio exhibition. The weekend starts with a concert on Friday, and closes with a reading on Sunday. The exhibition will be open Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 pm.

Fabian Hammerl will introduce a young artist from Chengdu/China, Jiaying Zhang (张佳颖), who will not be present in person, but has sent some (unusually) small format works. They will share walls with some of Fabian’s recent photographic work from Japan and China.

The complete list of artists and their guests:
Birgit Bornemann______mioq
Rainer Garbe___________Claudia Blank
Fabian Hammerl______Jiaying Zhang
Thomas Piesbergen___Katharina Unteutsch
Stilla Seis__________Edith Sticker
Adriane Steckhan________Claudia Hinsch