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Birds And Other Instruments

Guys such as Orgue Electronique, Legowelt or 8Bit Rockers released on Stilleben, good the label boss Luke Eargoggle will come to Hamburg to play some real Electro shit at the Pudel. But more than that… Eargoggle released on another stunning label: Acido Records. Founder Dynamo Dreesen will play as well. He is not only a great dj, but a great producer, as u can here on his Acido or Sex Tags Mania releases…


On Saturday, 01/10/2011, Luke Eargoggle, Dynamo Dreesen and Helena Hauff will work the Pudel!

Check electro databahn as well!

The Hague meets Hamburg: Bunker special at the Golden Pudel

On Friday, 06/05/2011, Schmerzlabor Panzerkreuz Sound System will honor Helena Hauff’s birds and other instruments with a Bunker special. Guy Tavares best known for being part of Unit Moebius and the founder of Bunker Records with it’s first release in 1992 now producing under the name of Schmerzlabor is still an activ squatter in The Hague. And that’s what he says about his self: Continue reading

process part 254

New mix by Helena Hauff is now part of the process series by modyfier blogspot.

Listen to ‘birds and other instruments #1’ here: or on