68 @ Hinterconti / CPH > HH

68 Square Metres will be decamping to Hamburg to show three young and exciting Danish artists, Astrid Myntekær, David Stjernholm, and Jacob Jessen. Opening Friday 5 September, also open on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to pop by, and to visit all the other guests from Copenhagen at many venues around HH – it’s all part of the City Link festival. hinterconti-flyer-68-vorseite 10440860_971072362918185_6368809144470534917_n

Our first publication!

photographs_2013_books Default Network’s first publication is out!
 The booklet contains photographic work by Fabian Hammerl, Kathrine Uldbaek Nielsen and Silke Storjohann, as well as a text by Christoper Sand-Iversen. 
All photos were taken throughout the year 2013 in Japan, New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal, Germany and France. The three travelled individually, subconsciously connected through shared ideas, driven by the artistic concept of the Dérive, leading them to extensive undirected excursions.


68m2 @ Gängerviertel

- From 22 – 30 November 68m2 Art Space and associated Default Network members will be in Hamburg taking part in the exhibition Kopenhagen in Hamburg at Gängerviertel. In keeping with the theme, 68m2 will be showing a small selection of works by some of the Danish artists the space has exhibited in its time, including Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld and Jacob Sikker Remin. We’ll also be joined by several members of PB43, the working collective in Copenhagen where 68m2 has its home. They’ll be providing the music at the party on the 30th… See more  


Traces 1x1 teaser New show by the art group FLOK, featuring works by Martin Thaulow, Ane Fabricius Christiansen, Jacob Sikker Remin, Jakob Stig Isaksen, Marthe Hjorth Jessen, Maj-Britt Zelmer, and Christopher Sand-Iversen. Open: Thursday – Sunday 13.00-18.00, 5 – 26 October.