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Troth 11/11/11

Thalia Magazin at Das Magazin

“Ich bin das Feuer im Eis
In dieser Tiefkühlwelt”

On Friday, November 11th, the editorial team of ‘Thalia Magazin’ is invited by ‘Das Magazin’ to talk about the making of the magazine’s first issue, featuring photographic work by Fabian Hammerl. The presentation starts at 8 pm. Later that evening Manboy Man will spin some records.

Das Magazin
Teilfeld 8
20459 Hamburg

Cape Town to Durban

Muizenberg, South Africa, Nov 2010

In November 2010 Fabian Hammerl stuffed his camera and spare Nikes into a tiny black Kia at Cape Town International Airport and set off lagging the bumpy roads up to Durban. Find an album with some roadside impressions from the trip through South Africa’s southeastern provinces here.

All The World Loves Lovers

If you happen to be one of the unfortunates always to fall for the girl impossible or fancy your best friend’s boyfriend, you might find it comforting to witness your most famous antecessors’ descent into the maelström of their doomed love – once again.
Star-cross’d brothers and sisters, unite!
‘Romeo and Juliet’, directed by Alexander Simon, premiere 27/02/2011 at Thalia Gaußstrasse

CPH\DV\ music: watch it unfold!

While New Folder’s beat bow aims straight to the heart of Saturday night, you might as well be struck by sunbeams while we hot-wire your sizzling synapses en masse.
It’s danger and delight, dancing cheek to cheek with the boldest of you, from dusk till dawn and all the way back in our Copenhagened love shack!
Default Network’s musical programme for CPH\DV is on!

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